• Bounce your final stereo mix as you would normally. This should be a 24 or 16-bit stereo file at the same sampling rate as your session. If there are any “mastering plugins” on the mix bus (master channel), you can leave these on as this will give us a reference point as to how the mix was sounding at your end.
  • Create a folder for your stem exports and label it ARTIST NAME – SONG NAME BPM DATE. Place the stereo exported file in this folder for our reference.
  • Start the song at the exact same place at the beginning of the song. All stems should start from 00`00`00`00 irrespective of where the audio starts. So even if you have one stem where a noise plays on the last beat of the song, we would want the whole song in silence before that point. Basically, we should be able to sync all the stems you provide me to 00`00`00`00 and it should sound correct.
  • Do not make mono tracks for any stems including the kick and bass.
  • If you have used stereo bus compression please disable it when printing individual stems. The compressor reacts differently when processing individual elements and can mess with levels.
  • If making multiple synths stems, you MUST bounce each part out with its respective effects on. That is to say if your lead sound has been sent to a return with reverb on it, we want the lead sound WITH the reverb on. Please don’t send a dry instrument with a reverb bus for multiple instruments.
  • If layering multiple synths, effecting them together to create one sound, please bounce as one stem.
  • When using side-chain compression for creative purposes IE pumping effect, include this in the stems.
  • Turn off side-chaining / ducking for mixing purposes.
  • Important! Be SURE you leave your computer automation ON for each stem so that every sonic move you make in your stereo mix is retained in the stems.
  • Keep a count of all the tracks you are muting/turning off. Every element in your mix, every plug-in, every automation movement, every musical component should go into the stems. When recombined together, they exactly add up to the stereo mix.
  • Make sure to have between -5 & -10 dB of headroom.
  • Do NOT change the sampling rate from the original mix session! If your system is 48k, make 48k-24 bit files. If your system is 44.1k, make 44.1k-24 bit files, etc.
  • Do NOT change the bit depth. If you’re recording / producing at 24bit, export at 24bit.
Example using kick track
  1. Mute (or disable the outputs of) all tracks except the kick.
  2. Turn off mix bus (master channel) processing. Record (or bounce) this kick stem (in 24-bit stereo with all related effects) using your normal stereo buss (including any stereo buss processing excluding mix bus compression & limiting) Don’t change any settings.
  3. Name the file 1-Kick.wav.
  4. Put it in the same folder as the stereo mix.
Repeat for all tracks.
Bounce a stereo wav or Aiff of your song with all master channel audio effects turned off in addition to the reference version of your song with effects on. Ensure there is between -5 & -10 db of headroom on the master channel.

Please label as follows.

0-Artist-Song Name-Reference
1-Artist-Song Name-Premaster

I may ask you to remove most of the effects on your tracks unless they are used for sound design purposes. The more information I have the more I can do with it. Ensure there is between -5 & -10 db of headroom on all tracks.

Please label all files as below:

0-Full Mix.wav

Please name your final stems (groups & busses) as below.

Ensure there is at least -5 to -10 dB of headroom on each stem.

0-Full Mix.wav

– If your song does include a sub bass please include it as its own stem. If you would like you can also include Bass-Bus.wav, Bass-Bus-nosub.wav, Bass-Sub.wav
– Feel free to create separate stems for specific channels/tracks as desired separately but do not include them in the bus/group.

When you’ve checked that all of your stems are correct and ready to go. Create a ZIP archive using the folder containing your stems. Upload to your choice of either Dropbox or Google drive and then submit link via email or by submitting on the form below.


  • Original Master
  • Instrumental Master (if requested)
  • Acapella (if requested)
  • Original Master
  • Instrumental Master
  • Unmastered Version
Stem Mastering is the middle ground between Mixing and Stereo Mastering which gives me more control over getting your final master. You will submit up to 8 channels as stereo audio files, which are normally your buses.

Bus-Tops & Percussion
Bus-Special FX

*Electronic music normally requires your kick to be on a separate track and sometimes as your snare/clap.

Please refer to the export guide for more info.

You will receive the following.

  • Original Master
  • Instrumental Master
  • Unmastered Version
Basic vocal tuning is included with all mixing however there may be spcial circumstances where you will request tuning as it’s own service. Please contact me for more info.



  • All masters must be paid for before they are released.
  • I reserve the right to charge 50% of the booked session or 1 hour of studio time, whichever is greater, for sessions cancelled within 48 hours of the booking.
  • Please check all pre-masters & stems before sending. Once received I will master your track as soon as possible on occasion this can be sooner than the quoted booking time. Re-supplied pre-masters will be charged as a full master.
  • All payments must be in US Dollars, costs for receiving other currency will be added.
  • All masters will be returned as a 16 Bit, 44.1 kHz Master .wav file at unless prior arrangement has been made.
  • By booking a session you are agreeing to pay for the time an engineer spends on your track. Mixing and mastering are very subjective so I recommend you supply reference tracks and notes for the engineer to know what you are looking for. If you decide you do not like your mix I will always do our best to revise it until you are happy but you will still have to pay for my time.